Application Process

The chart below indicates the general process of our services.
If you reside in outside of Toronto, we provide our services via Email.

Contact Us

Please contact us by online form, phone or Email.  We are going to inquire about your current situation in order to determine the type of the case.

Please be advised that Aya K. Immigration Services Inc. shall not disclose our client’s confidential information as per Rules of Professional Conduct set by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

Appointment for Consulting

If you are currently residing in Toronto, an appointment will be made for further consulting at our office. We will discuss about your concerns in depth and provide you with as many options as possible which will allow you to decide the best way to achieve your goal. Additionally, we will also discuss about the fee for your case.

We do not charge any consultation fee for your first consultation (by telephone or in person by appointment) if it is for the family sponsorship application. We would like to take the time to learn about your case first without having you worry about the consultation fee. However, please keep in mind that advice related to specific detailed information shall be provided only after establishing a Client-Representative relationship. Please feel free to contact us from here.

We do charge a consultation fee for other immigration related matters (such as Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Program cases). Should you wish to book an appointment, please feel free to contact us from here.

sign a retainer agreement

You are required to read and sign a Retainer Agreement in order to bring the case forward. It also means to establish a Client-Representative relationship.

Collecting Documents

We will provide you with the list of documents that needs to be obtained for your case. Some documents may be difficult to obtain, however, we will give you the detailed instruction.


Please be advised that the primary way of communication with the client after establishing the Client-Representative relationship is by Email. This is to record our communication and provide an accurate advice to the clients. However, please note that you may contact us anytime by phone for urgent matter.